International Health Care Clinic

International Health Care Clinic

Attendant medical staff for Travel

For the person who need medical services or treatment in everyday life

We do provide medical services to a traveler with a disability during visit to Japan.

We have much experience of International medical evacuation and make good use of it to support the traveler with a disability.
Do not give up visiting to Japan by you need medical services.

Our services:
Providing our services:
Attendant medical staff, nurse, or doctor or both
Portable oxygen compressor (POC), Oxygen bottle.
Dripping/Injection therapy

Please contact us for more information by email,

Also, if you would like to get the quote,
please give your information below.

  • Name of the patient
  • Date of birth
  • How is the patient health condition?What is diagnosis?
  • What medical service do you need?
    • #Attendant Nurse or Attendant Doctor, or both
    • #What medical devices do you need?
  • When and how long do you need the services?
  • Where do you need it in Japan?

*Medical devices should be provided with medical staff.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us!