International Health Care Clinic

International Health Care Clinic


Greetings from the Director

I want to support it graciously, kindly

Director / Physician
Mika Washio

  • Certified Physician of Japanese society of Travel Medicine
  • Industrial physician
  • ACLS Provider

My father's job as a psychiatrist influenced me at a young age to become a doctor. After graduating from Hyogo College of Medicine, I finished a residency at the Osaka Medical College and went on to research Cardiology. I went on to work at places such as general hospitals and clinics in college hospitals. I have also experienced work at psychiatric hospital where l worked with both internal medicine and mental illness departments. ln 2012, I started working at companies providing lnternational Medical Transportation while still working as a doctor at a general hospital.

I have lived in Canada for 2 years, and the Netherlands for a year.

I find importance in providing the right treatment for patients with diseases or injuries, even if it means crossing borders. As the world becomes more global and integrated, I believe that lnternational Medical Transportation is going to become more important than ever in the near future. As of now, there are not many places in Japan where a proper international medical transportation can be provided, and my goal is to provide this in Japan as a accessible medical service.

I have also started a medical clinic in 2018, where any patient can be treated regardless of their national origin or race. We provide vaccination and health checkups, to patients with fever, common colds, UTls, and more. Although we do have many international patients staying or travelling in Japan, I would like to think of the clinic as the town's clinic; a clinic where medical care can be provided to anyone that comes.

I would like to keep providing medical care to foreigners living in Japan, Japanese people leaving for foreign countries, or anyone that is in need of medical support.

Staff introduction

  • Please make yourself
    at your country!

    Receptionist / Yukie Nakagawa
    BLS provider

    When my family and I stayed in France, we found it difficult to get used to the French lifestyle. The difference in lifestyle between the Japanese and French made us worried and sometimes got us into trouble. Fortunately, there were many people that were able to help us, and we enjoyed our stay in France. l hope you enjoy your stay in Japan without any concerns, and if you need any help to clear out any trouble about your health, please come see our doctor!

  • It will be helpful for

    Nurse / Ami Fukuoka
    Certified Nurse of Japanese Society of Travel Medicine
    ・ACLS Provider

    l worked at an ICU as a nurse, and I have experienced providing care to patients from infancy to adults. Later, I worked at the Philippines consulting at hospitals and helping out Japanese patients living in nearby countries with translations, insurance information, and more. I also have experienced working for international medical transportation.

    l would like to put my experiences to use to provide patients and travellers going and coming from Asian countries, and consult them about any medical concerns as well as about lnternational Medical Transportation.

  • I will provide great medical supports
    with careful consideration

    Nurse / Yuki Yonetani
    ・ACLS Provider

    I'd been working at a Hospital in Tokyo after my graduation. Then, I'd gone to Canada to study English and travel abroad. I had a great time there. However, there was a time to go back to Japan. So I came back, and started my work as a nurse again.

    But about 2 years had passed, I decided to go to England to study medical English. At that time, I could also learn the differences of the medical system in another country. It was not a long time, but really worthwhile for me.
    I'll do my best at work in this clinic!!

  • I will provide great medical supports
    with careful consideration

    Nurse / Yukari Sugimoto
    Certified Nurse of Japanese Society of Travel Medicine
    ・ACLS Provider

    Hi, everyone! I am Yukari.
    I have worked as a nurse in general hospital after graduation. I had my dream to go oversea for studying English, so I finally decided and went to the USA. I have studied English and taken nurse course.

    After that, I returned to Japan, and have worked hospitals and clinics in Tokyo.
    I want to support Japanese and foreigner's patients for their feeling at ease.