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According to BBC NEWS, a man in the UK has caught the drug resistance gonorrhea that is called  super-gonorrhoea.

He had infected super-gonorrhoea when he visited South East Asia and had a sexual encounter with a woman.  He picked up the infection earlier in the year.

“This is the first case that infection cannot be cured with first choice antibiotics” said Public Health England.

The main antibiotic treatment - a combination of azithromycin and ceftriaxone - .  But in his case, it has failed to treat the disease.

The World Health Organization and the European Centres for Disease Control agree this is a world first.

Gonorrhoea is caused by the bacterium called Neisseria gonorrhoeae and spread by unprotected vaginal, oral and anal sex.

A thick green or yellow discharge from sexual organs, pain when urinating and bleeding between periods, but the symptoms are not easily recognizable.

Untreated infection can lead to infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease and can be passed on to a child during pregnancy.

So far no other cases - including in the British partner - have been discovered, but the investigation is still under way.

The British man is under medical treatment, and the result of treatment will show next month.