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Hello,I'm Yonetani, RN in Japan.
I started working here from this February, so that I'll introduce myself on this blog.
Before my work here, I'd been working at a Hospital in Tokyo. After quitting my first work place, I'd gone  to Canada to study English and travel abroad. I had a great time in there. However, there was a time to go back to Japan. So I came back, and started my work as a nurse again.But about 2 years had passed, I decided to go to England to study medical English. At that time, I could also learn the differences of medical system in another country. It was not a long time, but really worthwhile for me.
After these experiences, I was looking for a good place to work internationally. As a luck, I could start working here.This is my first time to work at a clinic, but I could work with kindly support from other staffs.
I'll do my best at work!!
Thank you for reading,