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Medical Transportation

International Medical Transportation

What do you imagine if you hear the word “Medical Transportation”?

Medical Transportation is for people who have been sick and took medical treatment when they either travel abroad or stayed another country for their business.  We, doctor and nurse, support patient to go back their country when their physical condition is stable.  Our job is not only working as doctor and nurse, but also contacting hospitals and getting information, arranging transportation between a hospital and airport, making reservations for airplane ticket, and making documents for refunding medical fee for person who has Japanese insurance policy.

Important things for medical transportation are safety of the patient and support for his or her family.  Not only patient but also his or her family are very nervous because it is very hard to communicate with other people in different environment.  They really want to go back home within short period of time.  For releasing from stress, we usually visit them a day before leaving from hospital.  Even we contact with them by e-mail and phone, meeting and talking with them directly give them strong comfort.

On the process of medical transportation, we are supported by many people such as all medical staff of hospital, staff of ambulance, and CA on the commercial flight.  I really appreciate CA because they give good care for both patient and the family even they take care of other passengers. 

We release from strong pressure when the patient arrives at the hospital.  We really tense and focus on the physical condition of patient, but I fam very happy when I see patient and his or her family call to their family members on the phone and look releasing from stress on the way to the hospital from a hospital in different country.