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According to BBC News on 20 October 2017, pollution related death is occurred in low- and middle-income countries such as Bangladesh and Somalia, and up to a quarter of deaths are caused of it.  Most of pollution-related deaths especially air pollution that is two-thirds of deaths from pollution are caused of non-infectious disease such as heart disease, stroke and lung cancer.

Air pollution that is included from outdoor sources such as gases and particulate matter in the air, and in households, from burning wood or charcoal indoors, is the biggest risk factor and caused of 6.5 million premature death.  The next large risk factor is water pollution.  It causes 1.8 million deaths, and 800,000 people are died by water pollution in the workplace globally.  92% of pollution related death is occurred in poor countries.  India and China had highest level of pollution death. (India is the fifth highest level of pollution death and China is the 16th).

Not only India and China but also England and the United States, pollution become a serious problem.  About 8% or 50,000 deaths in England are related to pollution that is 55th place out of 188 countries.  The case if England is worse than US and other European countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Denmark.

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