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Syphilitic infection spreads nationwide in Japan. According to an article of the Asahi Shimbun of October 31, 2017, National Institute of Infectious Diseases announced on October 31 that 4,568 people who are infected syphilitic until October 22. The number of patients are already exceeded the number of patients last year that was 4,518. Compare to prefectures, Tokyo is the worst case then following by Osaka, Aichi, Kanagawa, and Fukuoka.\r\nNumber of patients in other prefectures such as Okayama and Kumamoto are three times higher than last year, and Hiroshima, Aomori, and Yamaguchi are also doubled.\r\nCompare to age and gender, age 20 of female and age between 20 and 40 are the worst case of syphilitic, and they might be related sex industries.

Syphilitic is infectious disease that is caused by “Treponema pallidum,” and it infected from the small wound of skin and the mucous membrane. If a pregnant woman is infected by syphilitic, it may cause a mother-to-child transmission to a fetus.

During the first term of syphilitic that is from 3 weeks to 3 months, stiffness that is as large as from a size of rice to soybean are appeared. After that it becomes ulcer.\r\nThe second term of infection that is from 3months to 3 years, virus spreads by blood circulation of the body and it cause lymphatic swelling, arthralgia, fever, lassitude, hair loss, red spot that is called “rose spot,” and red brownish spot called “papular rash.” From 3 to 10 years of period that is called third term of syphilitic, large size of stiffness called “syphilis tuberosa” and lump that is called “gumma” appear on your body. At last, fourth term of syphilitic that is after 10 years, brain and spinal cord are being invaded by the virus and it cause progressive paralysis and dementia, and it may occur aortitis and aortic aneurysm that is cause by invasion of cardiovascular system.

Penicillin is used for syphilitic treatment, and a period of treatment is getting longer if the treatment is started late syphilitic term.\r\nDuring first and second term of syphilitic, patients should avoid sexual contact till medical treatment will be finished. In addition, people should start medication in early time if you may have some reasons to be infected by syphilitic.