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MCI Screening Test


MCI Screening Test

 Have you ever heard the test called MCI Screening Test?

MCI screening test is the test for finding the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

This test check 3 different types of protein that have ability of removing

Amyloid beta peptide which is main cause of Alzheimer’s disease, and it finds the risk of MCI.

 MCI is mild cognitive impairment that is a condition between healthy person and person who have Alzheimer’s disease.  If you have mild cognitive impairment, you do not have any problem for daily life at this point.  However, if you leave the condition, about half of people who have mild cognitive impairment turns to Alzheimer’s disease after 5 years.  On the other hand, they may protect or delay developing Alzheimer’s disease if they receive medical treatment.

 The process of this test is easy, and it will not take long time.  At first, you find the medical institute that occurred this test, then you take blood sample test.  The result of this test will be received 2 or 3 weeks after doing this test.

 Who need to take this test?

We recommend taking this test if you fit the list below;

1.       If you become forgetful recently.

2.       If you have a risk of obese and diabetic mellitus.

3.       If you find any abnormality about your family and relatives

 According to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, estimate number of patients who is over 65 years old and more and have Alzheimer’s disease are reach to about 7million people at year of 2025.  If you worry about Alzheimer’s disease, please contact doctors and ask about this test.