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Air pollution in India


The environment in India becomes hazardous condition said CNN and BBC news.\r\nThe UN children’s agency warns that 17million people who are under the age of one are breathing toxic air and putting their brain development at risk.\r\n12million babies are living in area with pollution in 6 times higher than safe levels, and further four million were at risk in East Asia and the Pacific.\r\nUnicef said breathing particulate air pollution could damage brain tissue and undermine cognitive development. It also causes of neurological behavioral problems.\r\nIn Delhi, India, air pollution becomes a cause of health crisis. According to CNN news, with visibility severely reduced, train have been canceled, airplanes delayed, and cars piled into each other, with multiple traffic accidents. Many school-aged children stay in their home because all public and private schools are closed. Now people start complaining about chest pain, breathlessness, and burning eyes.\r\nPeople in India using masks and air filtering system to protect from air pollution. However, the price of protection becomes high, they do not afford to buy these protections. For example, some people wearing scarf or a standard mask instead of N95 masks that is standard for filtering out PM 2.5 particles.

If you have a plant ot visit India,  please do not forgte bring masks and so on for protecting from air pollution.

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