International Health Care Clinic

International Health Care Clinic

International Medical Transportation


Domestic Medical Evacuation

Spring is here in Japan!I am very happy to see my favorite flowers, cherry blossoms, during my [....]

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~Medical evacuation to CANADA~

This time, we were requested by a hospital in Chiba Prefecture to transport a patient who wanted to[....]

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Medical Evacuation~South Asia

The Covid-19 virus is getting settled down, we're seeing more and more travelers from overseas on t[....]

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We did International evacuation. ⑦

We provided International evacuation using crowdfunding from Japan to Korea on 11th, 12th June ev[....]

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Our crowdfunding project will be finished today at 23:00.

Hello everyone! Our crowdfunding will be finished today at 23:00.  Thank you for all people who alr[....]

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Our Crowdfunding project entered the final phase!

Only 5 days left till the date of September 17th! Hello everyone! Now, we are asking crowdf[....]

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Crowd funding for Patients. Please support them.

From August 1st, we start crowd funding for patients who need to go back to home countries. We, Int[....]

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Crowd funding for patients is started.

We started crowd funding on August 1st for patients who need international medical transportation. [....]

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Medical Transportation

What do you imagine if you hear the word “Medical Transportation”? Medical Transportation is for [....]

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