International Health Care Clinic

International Health Care Clinic



Of couse! The clinic has been opened as usual!

Under the COVID-19 situation in Japan, we have declared a state of emergency since 7 April 2020.

We have been opened as usual.

We just would like to tell you how you will do if you are suspected COVID-19 infection such as having fever, sore throat, runny nose, cough, taste disorder.

As of now in Japan, you are required below for taking the PCR test of COVID-19.

#1) fever, over 37.5℃ for 4 days 

#2) symptoms of pneumonia such as having severe cough, dyspnea, and/ or diagnosed pneumonia on chest CT or X-ray, 

#3) seeing a person who has COVID-19 infection.  

Also, when you have above symptoms or evidence, you should call public health care center where you live to ask where you can take the PCR test. If you are a little difficult to speak Japanese, or you worry you might get COVID-19, please feel free to ask us. We can not provide the PCR test, but we can support to keep your health.

Furthermore, if you have any symptoms and need to see a doctor, please do not hesitate to contact us.