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Polio outbreak in Papua New Guinea

An outbreak of polio has been confirmed in Papua New Guinea, 18 years after the country was declared[....]

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Measles vaccine recommended for those attending World Cup

Measles is a highly infectious -- and potentially fatal -- viral illness that is typically spread by[....]

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2000 people exposed to Hepatitis A in Nashville, TN

2,000 people possibly exposed to hepatitis A in Nashville, TN Beginning of May, I wrote about Hep[....]

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Outbreak Associated with Treated Recreational water(CDC Report)

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued "Outbreaks Associated with Treated Recreation[....]

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Nipa virus outbreak in southwest India

The article from BBC NEWS on 22nd of May, at least 10 people have died in the outbreak in Kozhikode [....]

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Ebola Outbreak in Congo

DR Congo Ebola outbreak spreads to Mbandaka city Health Minister in DR Congo confirmed a Ebola ca[....]

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