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Number of Diabetes patients in the world reaches 425 million.


International Diabetes Federation(IDF) published Diabetes Atlas 8th edition on November 14 that was World Diabetes Day. On this book, for adult from age 20 to 79 years old, the number of diabetes patients reaches 425 million people. Compare to the number on Diabetes Atlas 7th edition, the number of patients on 8th edition is 10 million people higher than that is on 7th edition. The number of patients becomes worst since year of 2000. IDF also estimate the patients in year of 2045, and the number of patients reaches about 629 million people.

Compare to areas, east Asian countries, the number of diabetic patient in east Asian countries including Japan and west pacific region including Australia 159 million people that is worst in worldwide, then India is the second, and third is United States. Japan is the outside of top ten ranking but the number of patients over 65 years old is 4.3 million people that is the 6th and the total healthcare expenditure on diabetes is 5th in worldwide. The number of Japanese diabetes patients in 2045 are 4.8 million that is 9h in worldwide.

On the Diabetes Atlas 8th edition, there are much information related to diabetes. If you are interested in this book please access the web site from web address that is below.



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IDF Diabetes Atlas 8th Edition

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