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On October 5, 2017, Tokyo metropolitan assembly passed "the regulations of protecting children from passive smoking."  The media and newspaper pick up passive smoking as articles because the International Olympic Committee(IOC) aims at “the Olympic Games without smoking” by the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympics of 2020.

On the other hand, according to the article of JB Press on June 19, presentation of a legislative bill of prevention of passive smoking at the Diet was postpone. 

Furthermore, the further argument about the prevention of passive smoking method is necessary by the release of heating-type cigarettes such as "IQOS" (Aiko's).

Are there any differences about health problem between cigarette and heating-type cigarette?

The article from Health Press that is issued by November 24, 2017, the user of the new cigarette such as heating type cigarette, an electronic cigarette, and non-combustion said, “using new cigarette is lower risk of health problem than cigarette” and “there is no risk of passive smoking.”

At the annual meeting of American Heart Association(AHA) from November 11 to November 15, AHA announced IQOS give bad influences on blood vessels.  Dr. Matthew Springer from California University San Francisco medical school explained steam from heating-type cigarette contain chemical substances, and nicotine gives bad influences on blood vessels.

Before AHA announcement, the Japanese Respiratory Society announced Opinion of the Japanese respiratory organs society about a cigarette heating-type non-combustion and the electronic cigarette on October 31, 2017.  Inside of the announcement,

1.       It is possible that heating type and electronic cigarette gives the risk of health

2.       As same as cigarette, there are no acceptance for using heat-type and electronic cigarette at the public spaces such as restaurant and bar and public transportation because steam from heating type and electronic cigarette contain nicotine and toxic substances such as same level of nicotine and as a volatile compound (acrolein, formaldehyde), acenaphthene (many aromatic rings hydrocarbon thing) that is about 3 times higher than regular cigarette.

On the other hand, from article of Mainichi Newspaper, “tobacco control” magazine announced up to 6,600,000 premature deaths may be avoided next ten years by changing from regular cigarette to heat-type and electronic cigarette that was researched by the group of scientists from Georgetown University Medical Center.  On this research,

Using the best and worst scenario, a model analyzes influence on public health when a cigarette was replaced by an electronic cigarette in the United States.  As the result, in the optimistically case, 6,600,000 young death was avoided.

As I explained, there are many opinion and argument about heat-type and electronic cigarette.  How do you think about it?  If you are interested in this topic please check web sites below.


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