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Hope you are doing well everyone!
Summer has started in Japan!! (It is too hot already.)
The first blog for a while again....I blog about a medical evacuation from the U.K.
It took about 14 hours to fly from Tokyo to the U.K...a very long time...I slept a lot but we still haven't arrived yet.
We finally arrived around 6:00am local time. We started our activities immediately.
After checking everything at the counter of the airline we are going to use, we took a cab to the hotel, put down our luggage, and went to the hospital!
We met the patient, had a conference with the local doctors and nurses, and met with the family.
It is hard to imagine how long it will take to do all the various procedures overseas.
We make every effort to act as early as possible to ensure that everything is done in time for medical evacuation.
Preparations were ready and it was time for medical evacuation!
From the local hospital to the airport→14-hour flight→From the Japanese airport to the Japanese hospital... the total time was over 20 hours!
It was a difficult journey for the patient who had been in the hospital with a ventilator for a long time, but we managed to send him off without incident.
The family member who accompanied the patient throughout the hospitalization was also relieved to be able to return to Japan safely!
It seems that the average temperature of July in Japan rises every year!
We hope everyone enjoys the summer while taking care not to suffer from heat stroke!
≪Talk about short private time≫
I had heard that the food in the U.K. is not a really good. 
But...It was great!! I love fish and chips. hihi
But I think 1 portion is too big for me.