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Hi everyone.

My name is Yamaguchi who have just got in this Clinic last May 2023.

Please let me introduce myself to you.

I have been to Australia as working holiday for my first and second year, then switched visa to “student “as an International Nursing Student for 3 years. I also experienced as an assistant nurse in a hospital in Sydney while I was studying nursing. Then, I came back to Japan in May 2023.


I went to Vietnam for an international medical evacuation of my very first case since I got here in this clinic.

Since this case was my first time to go, I was arranging the case by being supported from my doctor Washio and my coworkers. There are lot of things to do, such as collaborating with airline companies to ensure thoroughly if every medical equipment will be using are ready or not, collaborating with an international (Vietnam) and domestic (Japan) hospitals to ensure the patient will be returning his or her country safely and receiving integrated care during and post-medical evacuation.


Even though the patient was not required oxygen on the ground, the oxygen level went low on the plane caused by air pressure, age, and a disease. Thus, the patient was oxygenated during the flight from Vietnam to Japan. You might ask us where oxygen is going to be used from? We usually ask the airline company to prepare 2 or 3 tanks of oxygen (it depends on how much the patient is going to use) in advance. We used the oxygen from airline and carried a POC (portable oxygen concentrator) with us as a backup. Moreover, suction will be required when mucus comes out especially for the patient has Tracheostomy, and other things we have to prepare for the medical evacuation.

I reacknowledged the importance of anticipating and simulating what equipment will be required for each medical evacuation by considering patient’s current conditions and medical histories, and that empowers us the patient to take his or her hospital safely.   


Although I was very nervous about my first medical evacuation, I felt relief that the patient arrived at Japanese hospital from Vietnam safely.



I had Vietnamese food called “Pho” with my doctor as per my request.

We had Pho at a fancy restaurant, and the Pho was not Pho I imagined because there was something arranged Pho, but the Pho had a hint of green shiso which was attractive for me as a Japanese and of course, that was delicious!!