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Influenza now spread to nationwide.

Vaccination for Travel

Sixteen flu-related deaths were reported Friday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in its weekly flu report.  This brings the total number of pediatric flu-related deaths to 53 for the season, which began in October,” said CNN NEWS.  

Even though children had had vaccinated, 20% of them are died. Influenza activity is still high and activated.  Now it widespread in 48 states and Puerto Rico, down from 49 states in the previous two weeks including Oregon and Hawaii.  Flu virus leads to a contagious respiratory illness with mild to severe symptoms that is cause of death.Read More

 The CDC announced there are 17,024 new laboratory-confirmed cases of illness and the total of flu patients are 126,117 by end of January 27. These numbers do not include all the people who have had the flu but no see a doctor when they are sick.

For protecting from severe symptoms, the CDC still recommend getting influenza shot for everyone age 6 months or older.