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A big drop in immunisation rates in Philippine

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“Fears over a dengue vaccine in the Philippines have led to a big drop in immunisation rates for preventable diseases, officials have warned.” BBC News Reported.\r\nThe mosquito-born disease, Deng Fever affects over 400 million people each year around the world. French company Sanofi is the first company to produce the vaccine called Dengvaxia against Dengue fever. However, the company warned that the vaccine could make the disease worse in some people not infected before.\r\nIn Philippine, more than 800,000 children were vaccinated for Dengue Fever and 14 children have died. The report from Philippine General Hospital, there are no evidence between Vaccine and death of children.\r\nAccording to BBC NEWS, Sanofi announced that its vaccine could worsen the potentially deadly disease in people not previously infected. WHO recommend that vaccination only individuals with a documented past dengue infection.\r\n