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Warning : Dengue increase likely during rainy season

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Several Asian countries are experiencing unusually high numbers of dengue cases for this time of year. With the rainy season approaching, the World Health Organization (WHO) is calling for action to minimize illness and deaths from dengue.
Dengue is one of the fastest-spreading mosquito -borne diseases. Worldwide, the incidence of dengue has increased 30-fold over the past 50 years. Dengue is a major public health concern as it can develop into a potentially fatal form called “severe dengue”.
Of an estimated 2.5 billion people at risk for dengue globally, about 70% live in Asia Pacific countries. Climate conditions, unclean environments, unplanned urban settlements and rapid urbanization can lead to increased mosquito breeding, especially in urban and semi-urban areas.
Several countries in the WHO Western Pacific Region such as Cambodia, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Viet Nam have observed early increases in the number of dengue cases reported so far this year.

There is no medication for the Dengue treatment.
NOT BE BITTEN BY MOSQUITO is the only way to prevent Dengue. Please note that not all insect repellant are effective to avoid mosquito bite. Some people say if you have ever got dengue before, you never get it again, but this is wrong information. There are 4 types of dengue, it means you have possibility to get dengue a few times.
Please consult to our clinic if you have any inquiries or need to have some advice. It is also available to check dengue if you are suspicious.

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