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Crowd funding for patients is started.

International Medical Transportation

We started crowd funding on August 1st for patients who need international medical transportation.  Please read a message from Dr. Mika Washio and please support them. 


This is the message from Dr. Mika Washio

Hi, all my friends!

I need your help seriously!!

We have started a crowdfunding project in order to fund International Medical Transportation, and to help patients in need in foreign countries.

International Medical Transportation is a travel aid specifically to support patients in need of medical attention in foreign countries, to travel to their required or preferred destination.

The transportation will happen between hospitals around the world, and it is mainly used by patients with severe injury or sickness who request to be transported.

For example, International Medical Transportation can aid patients who were injured or have caught an illness whilst on vacation on work in other countries, and would like to or need to return to their home countries. In a lot of cases, unless the patient is applied to a specific insurance company that covers medical fees overseas and traveling costs, the prices of using International Medical Transportation can be overwhelmingly expensive and in most times above many patient’s price limit. Patients also must pay for medical services in the foreign country, which can put many in a tense position because of the lack of options within their available price range.

As a clinic, our goal is to help these patients and provide International Medical Transportation to most patients by lowering the price to a bare minimum, but there is only so much we can do. A lot of different factors go into the price of International Medical Transportation, such as doctor and/or nurse aid, expensive equipment, and many more, and we would like to ask your help to support funding the clinic to lower the cost for patients in foreign countries, and to spread the availability of International Medical Transportation.

Through the money we receive in the crowdfunding project, we will be able to lower the prices and provide 24 hour access to International Medical Transportation (provided the flight tickets are aligned with the time and date).

We can only do so much to help provide the service and our knowledge and experiences in overseas transportation of patients, but with your help through the crowdfunding page we can reach out and provide service to more people in need. We ask for your help to fund International Medical Transportation, so that the service can be available to many more people around the world, who are suffering from injury and sickness, who wish to return to their home country.

The link below will open the crowdfunding page. There is also a English page for non-Japanese speakers.

Our goal is to reach 1,500,000 JPY. All donations will be accepted, but the

crowdfunding page uses a system of “All or Nothing” where if the goal is not met within 47 days, the money will be refunded to each person who had donated. We are motivated to reach this goal, and the first 5 days is known to be the most important when organizing a project such as this.

We believe that you support International Medical Transport, and patients worldwide through our crowdfunding page!