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【Information of medication in stock at our clinic!】

Medical Information in Japan

We have some medications at our clinic such as antibiotics, pain killers, IV fluid etc.…

Do you have any ideas why we hold the medicines?

Foreigner patients, who do not speak Japanese, are difficult to get medicines at the pharmacy. Also, most foreigners don’t know there are 2 types of pharmacy in Japan, which one accepts prescription, and the other does not accept.

This time, we started to stocks of CLEXANE which is anti-coagulation injection.

It is not so common to be prescribed in Japan, that is why a lot of foreigners are suffering from finding the clinics / hospitals who prescribe this. We have been received inquiries for several times from foreigner patients if we have this shot or not. It makes us to decide to stock CLEXANE at our clinic.

As more information, we provide CREXANE for the patients have already taken it, so please show your prescription or the certificate such as medical report, letter from doctor.



We also stock of emergency contraceptive (morning-after pill called NorLevo 1.5mg) as same reason.


Now it is available to get at our clinic, more inquiry required, feel free to contact us!