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If you think you are infected by COVID-19

Medical Information in Japan

COVID 19 spread in Japan.  In fact, according to the news media, number of infections COVID 19 is the top of the world for three weeks based on WHO survey from July 25 to August 7.

Large number of people are infected, so it is hard to find either clinics or hospitals.  Even Tokyo metropolitan government prepares large number of beds for the patients, about 58% of beds are already used for them.

How do we react when you have symptoms such as fever, cough, running,  nose, and so on.  Please contact the numbers each prefectures' public health center announce to the public;

Tokyo:Information about COVID-19 東京都福祉保健局 (

Chiba:Foreign Languages/Chiba Prefecture

Saitama:Foreign Language - 埼玉県 (

Kanagawa:新型コロナウイルス感染症専用ダイヤル(症状のある方、感染が不安な方へ) - 神奈川県ホームページ (

If you have any symptoms such as fever, cough, running nose etc please follow rules below;

 1.Please do not go to clinics or hospitals without making appointment.  Hospital and clinic arrange their schedule to avoid close contact between COVID19 patients and regular patients.  So please make an appointment before going there. 

2.Please do not use public transportation if you have any symptoms.  Most clinics and hospitals ask you how do you get there, and they recommend to use own car or walk.  Reason why they ask is also avoid infection of COVID19.   If  you need to go to the clinic or the hospital, please find them within walking distance or use the car.