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Spring is here in Japan!
I am very happy to see my favorite flowers, cherry blossoms, during my walk.
It is a good season for sightseeing to see the flowers!!
But pollen allergy ....
The other day I performed a domestic medical evacuation.
This time, I did it with a private ambulance for overland transport.
Since the location was far away from Tokyo, I stayed the night before at a hotel near the hospital where the patient had been hospitalized. 
With the hospital's permission, I was able to meet the patient the day before.
We try to meet the patients prior to medical evacuation.
Although we are in close contact with the hospital where the patient is hospitalized, our clinic, and the hospital to which the patient is to be hospitalized, there is information that can only be obtained by actually meeting the patient, his/her family, and the staff in charge of the patient.
We also believe that the patients themselves will feel more comfortable if they have met the hospital staff beforehand, rather than meeting them for the first time at the time of medical evacuation.
(Thank you to the hospital staff for arranging visiting times and conferences during visits...etc!)
The weather forecast for the day of the medical evacuation was not good, but we made it through the medical evacuation without a break in the weather!
As you can see, we are checking the weather forecast and more, we are going about our medical evacuation.We will continue to do it with safety and comfort in mind, while paying attention to various things!
≪Talk about short private time after medical evacuation≫
Since I stayed over the night before, of course I went to eat local food for dinner.
It is so much fun to look for local delicacies at the hotel after work, isn't it? 
This time, I got a GYUDON (beef bowl) of local beef~! 
(I wanted steak, but my wallet wouldn't let me have it ;( )