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ApoE Test


Japanese ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare announced there are about 5 million people who have Alzheimer’ s disease.  They also estimate about 7 million people who may have Alzheimer’ s disease at year of 2025.  It means 1 of every 5 people who are over 65 years old will have it.

 The reasons of having Alzheimer’s disease are not only genetic factor but also age and life style.  The test we introduce is ApoE test that is check ApoE gene and find the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.  There are 3 different type of ApoE gene that are ε(epsilon2,ε3, andε4 and they make a pair of gene.  The one of total of 6 different types of gene is related to Alzheimer’s disease.  If people have ε4 gene, risk of Alzheimer’s disease is higher than person who do not have.  For example, risk of disease is 3.2 times higher than people who do not have ε4 gene if you have ε2/ε4 and ε3/ε4.  If you have ε4/ε4, risk of the disease is 11.6 times higher than people who do not have.

 How ApoE test is occurred?  The process of test is easy, and it is as same as blood sample test.  After the test, you will receive the result of test two or 3 weeks after the test.  If you are interested in this test, please contact a doctor and make reservation.  After filling written consent, medical staff take some blood from you.  If you worry about the risk of Alzheimer’s disease or have family members who have it and interested to do this test, please contact a doctor near your house.