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Mia Test


Mia test is the test that helps to find risk of breast cancer, and it helps to start medical treatment at early time.

The statistic from Ministry of health, labour, and wellness said that the number of breast cancer patients were 85,856 in 2013.  The number is increased from 2012 that was 82,773.

The symptoms of breast cancer appear female age mid 40’s, but the number of breast cancer patients who are age 20s and 30s have increased recently.

Most of breast cancer occur from a milk duct, and symptoms such as stiffness of the breast, a change of the skin including the dimple of the breast, the swelling of the lymph node around the breast are seen.  Breast cancer grow very slow.  In fact, it takes about 15 years from 1mm to 1cm.  However, early detection and early treatment become very important to the breast cancer to metastasize to lymph node and the lungs, a bone, liver from the stage when a tumor is relatively small.  A survival rate is 96.8% in Stage I, but it decreases to 92.4% in Stage II, 77% in Stage III, and finally only 31.6% in Stage VI.

 As I said this test helps to find the risk of breast cancer.  The process of test that is only take some blood sample is easy and finish within short time.  You will be received the result of this test about three weeks.  If you are interested in this test and would like to take it, please contact the clinic.