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Infection of Syphilis


According to the article from Yomiuri Newspaper, National Institute of Infectious Disease took the statistics from January 2017 to November 19 and reported that number of syphilis patients reaches 5053 people. \r\nOn the last blog, a statistics of syphilis patients were increased but it did not reach 5000 people. However, the number of syphilis patients reached over 5,000 people that have happened since 1973. The infection is reported from large cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Aichi. 1,561 patients are reported from Tokyo, 703 patients are reported from Osaka, and 310 patients are reported from Aichi.\r\nOnce you are infected by Syphilis, symptoms such as stiffness of the sexual organs and redness appear when the people are infected by Syphilis. The symptoms will disappear within short period of time or do not appear. If you think you have some ideas about causes of syphilis infection, we strongly recommend visiting hospitals and start medical treatment before you will lose the eye sight or disturbance of consciousness when aggravated.