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Vaccination for Travel


New vaccination : Meningococcal Group B Vaccine (BEXSERO) has arrived!

This is an information, Meningococcal Group B Vaccine (BEXSERO) have arrived our clinic. Meningococ[....]

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Influenza Warning

Please be advice to careful about Influenza especially if you travel abroad. There are many reports[....]

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Warning : Dengue increase likely during rainy season

Several Asian countries are experiencing unusually high numbers of dengue cases for this time of ye[....]

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India : Encephalitis cases and deaths on the rise

Encephalitis is a viral infection which causes flu-like symptoms such as high fever, convulsions, h[....]

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Polio cases is still finding in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / Online - 08th July, 2019) Amid propaganda against the [....]

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45 Japanse Encephalitis deaths reported in Assam

45 Japanese Encephalitis deaths reported in Assam Press Trust of India, updated at July 4, 2019. Fo[....]

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Japanese Encephalitis

Health officials in Taiwan reported 2 additional cases of Japanese encephalitis.  Japanese Encephal[....]

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Flu season is coming in Southern Hemisphere

Flu season is coming in Southern Hemisphere especially in Australia. The  report from Australia on [....]

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Number of measles patients are increased in 98 countries

UNICEF announced number of measles patients are increased in 2018 compared to year of 2017.  Current[....]

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Polio outbreak in Papua New Guinea

An outbreak of polio has been confirmed in Papua New Guinea, 18 years after the country was declared[....]

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