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~Medical evacuation to CANADA~

International Medical Transportation

This time, we were requested by a hospital in Chiba Prefecture to transport a patient who wanted to return to Canada.

The patient was hospitalized after an emergency landing in Japan due to poor health. The patient's family wanted to return home as soon as possible, and we made preparations for the patient's departure, which had to be done within about four days of receiving the request.

The transportation of patients requires the cooperation of various related organizations. To ensure the patient's safe and comfortable return home, we are preparing for the departure in close cooperation with the hospital, family members, and other related organizations.

In this case, since the patient required oxygen management, a doctor and a nurse accompanied the patient.

On the day of transport, we met the family at the hospital and boarded a private ambulance together to head for the airport.

A nurse from the hospital ward will take over the patient's care, making a final check on the patient's latest physical condition.

While waiting in the lounge for boarding, the patient and family spent grear time together, and the initial nervousness gradually dissipated, and smiles were seen on their faces.

After boarding, we adjust the patient's posture, prepare the medical equipment for takeoff, and observe the patient's condition.

During the flight, oxygen saturation levels are likely to fluctuate due to changes in atmospheric pressure, so we observe their condition as needed, paying attention to changes in their breathing conditions.

After a long flight, the aircraft arrives safely in Canada. Upon arrival, a local ambulance staff member picked up the patient at the airport. We send the patient to medicalstaff and completed the transportation.

The relieved expressions on the faces of the patient and families were very impressive and heartwarming.

After the transport, we had some time before our return flight, so we were strolling around the city.

It was refreshing to walk around the city without a mask, as no one in the city wears one!

And then we enjoyed some Hawaiian food and fish and chips in Canada before heading back home!