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International Medical Evacuation ~Vietnam~

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I hope everyone is doing well.
It has been a long time since I have blogged...please take care of your health during these cold days.
I went to Vietnam on a medical evacuation.
The temperature and humidity immediately made me feel like I was in Southeast Asia when I arrived in Vietnam.
This time, preparations for medical evacuation went very smoothly.
This is because of the cooperation of the local branch insurance company. The insurance company's cooperation in obtaining plane tickets for the medical evacuation and contacting the hospital where the patient was hospitalized made the process very smooth. Also, the doctors in charge at the hospital where I was hospitalized were very cooperative. Fortunately, there was also a Japanese doctor who worked with the doctor in charge and cooperated with us.
Preparations went smoothly, and when it came time for the medical evacuation...there was an unexpected problem!!
The plane was unexpectedly delayed due to equipment trouble! Or rather, the aircraft was changed! 
The patient had to wait a long time in the ambulance until boarding the plane...we were relieved when we were able to send them safely to Japan.

The COVID-19 has settled down and we are almost back to the normal as before.
We hope you all enjoy your trips abroad and take care of your health there!

≪Talk about short private time during medical evacuation≫

I really don't like bugs.  I was a little panicked when I saw a lot of bugs in Vietnam. haha